What are Daily Contact Lenses?

by Jan 7, 2020

Daily disposable contact lenses are a type of lenses that are worn daily then discarded at the end of the day.  The single-use approach of these lenses make them a popular option for both patients and doctors alike due to the health benefits, comfort, and convenience they offer.  It is easy to understand why daily disposable lenses have become one of the post popular options for corrective eyewear. Continue reading to learn more about this versatile and popular contact lens option.


What are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

Daily disposable contact lenses are a specific type of contact lens with a single-use modality.  A fresh pair is inserted in the morning, worn throughout the day, then removed and discarded at night.  The lenses are put on each morning straight from the manufacturer’s packaging, which eliminates the need to clean and store lenses overnight.  Because these lenses are low maintenance and easy to care for, they are a popular choice for busy teenagers or adults with a hectic lifestyle. They are also particularly useful for those who do not wear contact lenses every day and are looking for a convenient option to use every once in a while.  

Some monthly or bi-weekly lenses use a “daily wear” schedule, in which lenses are worn during the day, removed before bedtime, cleaned and stored overnight, then re-inserted in the morning.  These lenses do not have man of the convenience or health benefits that daily disposable lenses have. 


Improving Eye Health 

Because daily disposable contact lenses remove the need for cleaning and storing lenses, there is a much smaller risk of health complications.  Nightly disposal of the lenses prevents proteins, lipids, or even bacteria from accumulating on the surface of the lenses, which daily disposable lens wearers are less likely to experience irritation or infections associated with wearing contacts.  Since there is no cleaning required of daily disposable contact lenses, there is a smaller risk of poor hygiene contributing to contact lens related problems.  


Daily Disposable Lenses for Dry Eye Disease

Daily disposable contact lenses can be a more comfortable option, especially for those who suffer from dry eye disease or contact lens related dryness.  When proteins, lipids, and bacteria build up on traditional extended wear contact lenses, they are more likely to cause irritation and worsen symptoms of dryness, burning, or grittiness.  Plus, these contact lenses are designed with a soft material that is breathable, allowing enough nutrients to reach the front of the eye.  


Are Daily Contact Lenses Affordable?

Daily disposable lenses may cost more than monthly or bi-weekly replacement lenses.  However, costs of annual supplies can vary and most daily disposable lenses are more affordable than you would think.  Vision insurance can be used to give you a discount on your supply of lenses, and oftentimes manufacturers will offer a rebate if you order a year supply.  Keep in mind that you will not have to spend money on care products like lens solution or cases, which also helps to offset the cost of daily disposable lenses. 

If you are interested in trying daily disposable contact lenses, talk to your optometrist at your comprehensive eye exam.  

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