Should You Use Different Glasses for Different Activities?

by May 24, 2021

Glasses are excellent devices that provide optimal vision for many individuals on a daily basis. However, those with specific visual needs may need specialized devices for their work or hobby-specific tasks.

Below are some of the options available for task-specific eyewear.


Mounted Telescopes on Glasses

Those that require magnification of images or have fine-detailed work to do will require a magnifier or telescope to see clearly. These details may also need to be seen with the flexibility of having the hands free to complete work.

For these reasons, mounted telescopes are available. They are attached to spectacle frames and thus sit at eye level.

You may have seen examples of these used by jewelers or dentists and hygienists. The power can be varied for your needs.

A disadvantage of this option is that these can sometimes be heavy to wear and more likely to slip down the nose. Talk to our opticians to see what options you may have.


Magnifier Glasses

Another option for viewing fine details would be to get a magnifier. This can be a portable handheld version that can be brought around the house or to different locations to assist you.

There are also technological options to magnify images or small tools that are hands free. They can zoom in on the activity of choice and provide a better view.


Trifocal or Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal or trifocal lenses are very similar but differ in the number powers in them. The most common design is for the reading segment to be placed in the inner bottom corner of the lens.

This would mean that when the eyes are turned down to look through the reading zone at a close object, it will be clear. However, in certain hobbies or occupations, the location at which the material needs to be read or seen clearly may not always be in a lower position.

For example, golfers may not like to have the reading portion located in this position as it prevents them from seeing the golf ball. However, they still desire to read with the same pair of glasses, and thus can investigate the option of having a reading segment placed on the outer corner of one of the lenses.

Additionally, pilots may have to look upwards to be able to read dials, and thus will want their reading segments to be placed at the top of their lens. Electricians may have similar needs.


Enhanced Reading Glasses

There is a special type of spectacle lens that provides multiple points of focus, similar to a bifocal or trifocal lens. Enhanced readers are more similar to progressive lenses in the sense that there is no visible line that defines the areas for reading versus distance vision.

The difference is that these lenses are often designed to be used at a desktop computer or in-office. This is because the center of the lens is designed for working at an intermediate distance, which is often where the computer screen is placed.

The lower portion of the lens will be for a reading distance, such that when the eyes are turned down, words on paper will be clear. In certain designs, the top of the lens, above the central zone, will have an additional zone for distance viewing.

This means that when the eyes are turned up, people at your office door may still appear to be clear.

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