Should I Buy a Pair of Computer Glasses?

by Aug 1, 2022

As more and more tasks shift to being on the computer, the demand for computer specific glasses has grown. These glasses are designed to provide the best vision and most comfort while using a computer or other electronic device.


Is Using a Computer Bad for Your Eyes?

When considering a pair of computer glasses, many people assume that there must be a reason that they are needed – and assume that the computer is bad for their eyes.

While using a computer puts unique strain on your eyes, there is nothing about a computer or other device that is inherently bad for you or your eyes.

However, the strain that is associated with prolonged computer use does pose interesting challenges for the eyes.

When working on a computer, vision must be optimized at an intermediate distance, closer than something across the room or a street sign but still farther than the text on a book.

Also, the computer itself will produce light from the screen, so the target which you are focusing on is lit with an array of background light compared to an indirect illumination that a traditional book or paper would have.

While on a computer or electronic device, your natural blink rate will decrease without conscious thought. Since you will blink less, you may also notice increased dry eye symptoms.


Optimal Computer Vision with Computer Glasses

The biggest advantage of computer specific glasses is that the computer glasses can provide you with the best vision while working on a computer.

Many computer based activities require fine amounts of detail, such as working on a large spreadsheet of data or playing an online role playing game.

These activities can be made much more difficult if your glasses are not equipped to provide clear vision at your computer working distance.

For a pair of computer glasses, the distance between your eyes and the computer monitor will be measured and accounted for when designing the glasses.

If your only goal with the glasses is to be able to clearly see the computer screen, the glasses will have a single power throughout the entire lens which is specific to the computer distance.

However, if you wish to be able to see another distance as well, such as across the room or closer to read from a book or phone, your glasses will have multiple powers.

These glasses are designed as no line bifocal lenses or progressive lenses. The correct power for the computer distance is placed in the lens where the eyes look when seated straight ahead.

Then, above or below the computer zone, is another area with a different power for either distance or near work as needed.


Comfort and Relief from Strain with Computer Glasses

When working on a computer, many people will experience eye strain, eye fatigue, or headaches. These symptoms can be caused by a variety of factors including the light emitted by the computer, the glare which glasses have, or an increase in the focusing demand of the eyes.

Computer glasses will often have a filter or tint to limit the amount of light that enters into the eye. These filters may give the lenses a slight color, but the tint will cause the lenses to appear colored.

An anti-reflective or anti-glare coating on the glasses can minimize the reflections from the glasses when working on the computer.

If it is determined that your eye strain or headaches are due to the increase in focusing demand, the computer glasses can be made in a way that relaxes the focusing system of the eyes.


Where to Get Computer Glasses?

If you are interested in computer glasses, the best way to get a pair that will meet your needs is to have an appointment with your eye doctor and discuss your computer set up, your symptoms, and what features would benefit you.

Once your doctor has this information, they can better prescribe a pair of computer glasses for your needs.


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