Lens Recommendation For Computer Use

by Apr 24, 2023

As more and more tasks begin to require prolonged computer use and longer periods of time spent looking at a screen, there is now a need for glasses that are designed to specifically help in these types of settings. For students, young professionals, and those who are frequently reading on digital devices, anti-fatigue lenses are designed to provide relief from the excess amount of eye strain that can occur with this type of device use. Multiple brands and varieties of these anti-fatigue lenses are available but they share a few common characteristics.

There is a small portion of the bottom of the lens which is designed to reduce the strain of focusing near, there are filters and coatings to reduce glare and blue light transmission, and the lenses are fit to account for the position of the eyes when reading or looking up close.


Eye Problems with Computer Use

While there is nothing inherently problematic with using a computer or other digital device, simply using these devices does increase the risk and prevalence of certain eye problems.

Studies have shown that there is a significant decrease in the frequency of blinks while working or reading on a screen when compared to similar tasks on paper or print.

The reduction of blinks can cause the tears to evaporate and dry out rapidly.

The near focus that is needed when working on a computer can also cause eye strain or headaches.

There have been studies that indicate there is a correlation between excessive blue light or screen time and headaches near work or reading.


How Glasses Can Improve Computer Work

Wearing glasses to improve vision will benefit all types of work as the eyes no longer have to work as hard to interpret a blurry image.

However, wearing glasses that are specific to computers or digital devices can provide other benefits from the design of the lenses.

Having an area of the lens that adds a small amount of plus power can reduce the strain of focusing near.

The eyes no longer have to accommodate solely clear vision but can relax slightly and allow the eye’s focusing system to be more flexible.

Screens emit blue light and have lots of reflections that can both impede vision and cause headaches after a long session of use.

Anti-reflective coatings and blue light filtering coatings are applied to the lenses to limit any unwanted light rays from entering the eyes.

When working on a computer or other device, the eyes must move in and converge to keep the image single and prevent double vision.

Having a pair of glasses that take the slight inward motion of the eyes into account can prevent unwanted distortion when looking at a computer.


Anti-Fatigue Lenses for Computer Work

The lenses that provide benefits in all of these areas are known as anti-fatigue lenses. The different designs and brands of these types of lenses may emphasize different aspects of the lenses but the overarching goal is to relieve eye strain, headaches, and blurry vision when working on computers or other devices.

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