How to Choose the Best Glasses Frame Shape for You

by Aug 2, 2021

Choosing the right pair of frames for your glasses is important since you will be wearing the glasses every day!

Making sure that the frames look good, feel good, and provide good vision is the goal when selecting a pair of frames.


Frame Style Based on Face Shape

Depending on the shape and characteristics of your face, certain styles of glasses frames will look better on you.

If you have a more round or oval face, frames that have sharp angles such as squares may provide some needed structure to your face.

On the other hand, if your face is more rectangular or square it may be better to choose a pair of frames that are round or oval to soften the appearance on your face.

While there are no rules regarding what frame style you choose, contrasting shapes with your face shape is often considered to be the best for appearance.


Frame Shape Based on Comfort

Another important factor is the comfort of the glasses when on your face. This includes the nose bridge, temples, and the frame front as well.

If you have a higher prescription or are sensitive to weight, selecting a lighter frame may alleviate some problems. Smaller frames typically will be lighter than the larger frames.

Metal frames will often have nose pads on the bridge of the nose while plastic frames simply rest on the bridge without any nose pads.

If you have a prominent nose bridge, it may be more comfortable and look better to select a pair of frames that have a minimal nose bridge.

These frames include keyhole style nose bridge frames or low set nose pads on the frame.

The length of the temples is an important consideration for comfort, but the distance across the frame front determines if the temples press on the side of your head or only rest on the ears.

A larger face or head will need a larger sized frame to ensure comfort and a good appearance of the glasses.

In some people, the eyes are set deeply in the eye socket and larger frames can rub on the top of the eye socket or bottom of the forehead. This causes discomfort and may lead to redness in the area.


Choosing Frame Shape Based on Vision Needs

While comfort and appearance are variable among different people and will normally require trying on specific frames, certain aspects of the frame selection are important for good vision.

If your prescription is high, generally anything above plus or minus four, it is important to choose a smaller sized frame so that the lenses will not be any bigger or thicker than required.

This also reduces the amount of distortion in the far parts of the glasses and improves the vision through the glasses.

If you have a bifocal or progressive addition lens, it is important to choose a frame that will be deep enough to have a region for the distance vision and the near vision portions.


How to Make Sure a Frame Shape is Right for You

 The best way to make sure that you have chosen a frame that will look good, feel good, and provide good vision is to try on the frame and discuss with an eye doctor or optician about the specific needs of your prescription.

Our eye doctors at EyeDocs Family Eye Care in Brookville, OH excel in prescription of glasses, contact lenses and the diagnosis of a variety of eye disease. Call our optometrists at 937-770-1265 or schedule an eye exam appointment online if you would like to discuss the various frame shapes we have available. Our eye doctors, Dr. Kyle Maxam and Dr. Cara Wampler, provide the highest quality optometry services and eye exams in Brookville, Ohio.

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