How to Choose Lenses for Your Glasses

by Jan 21, 2020

There are many decisions to face when it comes to buying new glasses.  Deciding on frame that fits your budget and personality and understanding how to use your vision benefits can be daunting tasks.  One of the most overwhelming parts of purchasing new glasses is selecting the perfect lenses. With the seemingly endless number of lens options, it may be difficult to select the lenses that properly address your visual needs.  Working with one of our experienced opticians can help ensure that you select the perfect lenses. We have also assembled a guide to some of our most popular lens options.


Lens Material Matters

Lenses for glasses can come in several different materials.  A common material for lenses is a lightweight plastic polymer called CR-39.  This plastic material is low-cost and offers a great optical quality. Polycarbonate lenses are another very popular option.  These lenses are lighter than CR-39 and are very durable and impact-resistant. Because they are considered to be a very safe material, polycarbonate lenses are a popular option for kids.  High-index plastic lenses are an excellent choice for those with strong prescriptions. High-index lenses are the thinnest option and reduce some of the burdens associated with strong prescriptions and thick lenses.  Not only do high-index lenses make glasses more comfortable and light, they can also improve the cosmetic appearance. All of these plastic materials are popular options and are recommended over traditional glass lenses.  While glass lenses were commonly used many years ago in the early ages of spectacles, glass is rarely used today because it results in heavy lenses that can break easily.   


Anti-Reflective Lenses

One of the most common coatings for glasses provides an anti-reflective property.  Anti-reflective, or AR, coatings eliminate glare from the front and back surface of the lenses, which leads to more comfortable vision.  This coating is particularly useful while working on a computer by reducing glare commonly caused by digital screens, and can reduce bothersome reflections and haloes from oncoming headlights during nighttime driving.  Beyond providing more comfortable vision, AR coating reduces the glare on lenses that is commonly captured in photographs. This popular coating can be added to lenses made from any material. 


Scratch-Resistant Coatings

Even the durable plastics used to make lenses are susceptible to scratches if not handled properly.  While some materials are more resistant to scratches than others, you may still want to consider adding an anti-scratch coating to your lenses.  For those of us who may have a tendency to be rough with our glasses and lenses, scratch-resistant lenses can help extend the life of our glasses.


Photochromatic Lenses and Transition Lenses

Many people who wear glasses full-time want to avoid the financial burden of purchasing both a traditional pair of glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses.  These people may consider photochromatic lenses, which are clear lenses that are treated with an advanced polymer that causes the lenses to darken when exposed to UV light.  This allows people to seamlessly move from sunny environments to indoor locations without needing to switch glasses. New technologies in photochromatic lenses have allowed them to transition from dark to light quicker than ever.  

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