FAQ’s About Contact Lenses

by Dec 11, 2019

Contact lenses have grown to become one of the most popular medical devices in the country, and are a very common form of vision correction.  If you are not a contact lens wearer yourself, chances are you know someone who is or you have thought about giving them a try. There are many misconceptions that may prevent people from trying contact lenses for the first time.  Today, we will address some of the most common misconceptions and shine some light on the truth about contact lenses. 

Are Contact Lenses Uncomfortable?

Many people avoid contact lenses because they think the lenses will be uncomfortable, or they believe the process of inserting and removing contact lenses will be painful.  The truth is, developments in lens design and manufacturing have made contact lenses very comfortable and wearable. In fact, some people find their lenses so comfortable that they forget the lenses are on their eyes.  Lenses are now made with thin, breathable materials that keep lenses moist throughout the day, and allow the eye to remain lubricated and comfortable. While properly inserting and removing the lenses can take practice, it is not a painful process.  Putting on and taking off contact lenses gets easier with time and most people are able to quickly insert lenses with no difficulties and no resulting irritation. 


Can Contact Lenses Correct My Prescription? 

There is a common misconception that contact lenses will only correct a limited range of prescriptions.  Some people believe that if their prescription is too strong, or if they have a high amount of astigmatism, they are unable to wear contact lenses.  This is completely false; contacts come in a wide range and are an option for almost everyone. In fact, many people with very strong prescriptions will experience clearer vision without the burden of heavy spectacle lenses.  With new designs and extended ranges of toric lenses, even those with high amounts of astigmatism can successfully wear contact lenses. 


Are Contact Lenses Healthy for my Eyes?

Concerns over eye health are a common reason that people avoid wearing contact lenses.  Contacts are a medical device and, if not worn as directed, can result in complications like irritation or infection.  However, when lenses are properly cleaned and stored, and when an appropriate wear-time and replacement schedule is followed, the risk for contact lens associated problems significantly decreases.  Daily disposable lenses, which are worn for one day then discarded at night, have been a great benefit for the ocular health of contact lens wearers. 


Am I Too Old to Try Contact Lenses?

There is no age limit for trying contact lenses for the first time.  Even those who rely on bifocals or reading glasses to see close objects can successfully wear contact lenses.  Multifocal lenses can provide clear vision at a wide range of distances, or a monovision approach can provide clear up-close vision for those who require a reading prescription.  Contact lenses are a viable option, whether you are 15 or 50! 

As you can see, contact lenses are an excellent corrective option for a wide range of individuals.  If you still have questions about trying contact lenses for the first time, ask your optometrist for more information.   

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