Can My Child Wear Contact Lenses?

by Feb 5, 2020

Contact lenses have become one of the most popular forms of vision correction among adult Americans.  They are a convenient option that can give clear vision to people with a wide range of prescriptions, and new developments in contact lenses have made them even more comfortable and healthy for the eyes.  Because of their popularity, many parents wonder if contact lenses are an option for their kids. There are many factors to consider when trying to decide your child is ready for contact lenses. Below is a review of some of the necessary topics to discuss with your child before pursuing contact lenses as a corrective option. 


Is My Child Responsible Enough for Contact Lenses?

Being able to properly wear and care for contact lenses requires responsibility.  In order to successfully wear contacts, children must be able to keep their lenses clean, store them properly, and remember to replace them as directed.  Even the lower maintenance options such as daily disposable lenses still require a certain level of personal hygiene and diligence. Some children are naturally more diligent or mature than others, and may be able to wear contact lenses at a younger age.  The more motivated children are to begin wearing contact lenses, the more likely they will be able to attend to all the responsibilities required to be a successful contact lens wearer. 


What are the Benefits of Contacts for My Teen?

Contact lenses are an appealing option for many different reasons.  For teens and young adults, contact lenses may be a way to boost self-confidence by giving them freedom from glasses.  Children who participate in sports will likely be interested in contact lenses so they can participate in activities without wearing bulky sports goggles.  If your child has a significantly strong glasses prescription, they may be able to see clearer through contact lenses by eliminating the distortions associated with heavy spectacle lenses.  


Are Contact Lenses Safe and Comfortable for Children?

As long as your child is able to properly care for them, contact lenses are a safe corrective option for kids.  Just like in adults, contact lenses carry the risk of infections or complications if they are not properly cleaned or regularly replaced.  However, when worn appropriately, contact lenses pose no additional health threats in children, and they do not alter or harm the development or growth of the eyes. 

Developments in contact lenses have made them very comfortable for wearers of all ages.  In many cases, soft contacts are so comfortable that your child may forget they are wearing them at all. 

How Do I Choose a Brand Lens for my Child? 

When deciding on what type of contact lens is best, it is important to consider your child’s lifestyle.  Daily disposable lenses are a great option for kids and parents looking for a low maintenance and healthy option.  Biweekly and monthly lenses can also be considered for children who can properly clean and store their lenses. The best way to decide on a lens is to talk with your optometrist.  The doctor can make specialized recommendations to fit both your child’s lifestyle and their visual needs. 

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