Why Do I Need Glasses?

Why Do I Need Glasses?

Refractive error is a term given to optical conditions that may require correction with glasses, contact lenses, or surgery.  When light that enters the eye does not land directly on the light-receiving tissue on the back of the eye (the retina), the image will appear...

Our Vision for Eye Care

Our Vision for Eye Care

Healthcare has becoming increasingly impersonal and transactional. Building trusted relationships and providing exceptional care have gone to the wayside in leu of seeing more patients and maximizing profits.  EyeDocs has chosen to move in a different direction. We...

Back to School Eye Exams for Children

Back to School Eye Exams for Children

Between buying school supplies and registering the kids for school, the end of summer can be a hectic time.  Even if your to-do list seems endless, we recommend making back-to-school eye examinations a priority for your children.  Even if your kids have no visual...

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